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Zero Emissions Building Products

We at Zero Emissions Planet believe in making a world a better place to live in and unless and until people stop making use of natural energy to heat or cool their houses, the rate of global warming wouldn’t reduce.

Importance of Using Airtight Wraps and Tapes in Building Modern Housing Structures

Passive House – Building The Efficient Home Of The Future

So far you must have read and heard of airtight membranes used in buildings. Here we will explain why they are being used. 

Did you know that condensation in a building structure accounts for its low longevity and deterioration? Airtight membranes and tapes are used today to control such deterioration. Condensation in the building structure stems from irregularities and variances in internal and external environment temperatures. Irregular humidity levels too are responsible for causing such variance. As warm air traverses into the building it bumps into cool air and condenses immediately. Such condensation does a lot of harm to the structure and ultimately causes disintegration of the building. 

The top reasons why you need to build your home airtight 

In modern times home owners are investing in high performance building supplies which make a home air and weathertight. What is even more surprising is, under a majority of scenarios, you will find builders combining airtight technologies with insulation and appropriate range of ventilation units. As a result, these homes are built to be energy-efficient, low emission and allergen emitting and comfortable. 

Benefits of air and weather tight homes 

Energy efficient 

Airtight buildings are the most energy efficient structures you will find in today’s date. Their special feature allows the heating insulation panels to function optimally as a result of which heating costs can be curtailed while CO2 emissions can be reduced to the maximum level. Thus, the airtight membranes and tapes protect the environment and your pocket at the same time. 

Safeguarding the building from structural damage 

As mentioned earlier air sealing systems helps maintain a normal temperature and humidity level as a result of which condensation can be restricted. The airtight membranes can further be combined with ventilation units which ensure that the air around is not humid. As a result, it becomes easier to protect the structure from mould or mildew infestation. 

Maintaining a healthy living zone 

There is yet another reason why builders will choose to use airtight membranes and tapes and its none other than protecting the space from unhealthy intrusion through microbes which travel into a space from the outside environment. The air sealing helps prevent mould growth by maintaining a certain level of dryness and humidity. They make spaces appear cooler during summer and warmer in winter. 

Indeed, the airtight membranes are responsible for making human lives healthier and easier in a manifold way. So if you are planning to have your home constructed, do not ignore these airtight wrap tapes from high performance building suppliers.  

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